Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

Buy Cell Tower Leases


A potentially very profitable business venture is to buy cell tower leases. Cell phones are part and parcel of everyday life. The relay points in the cell phone network, the base receiver stations, are essential to smooth functioning of the mobile phone network. These base receiver stations are located at strategically placed, high, locations to assure that the network has a strong signal throughout. Phone companies pay to use rooftops of tall building and plots of land on hill tops, ridgelines, and mountain tops. These companies rarely purchase the land or space; they lease it. If you buy cell phone tower leases you buy into a long term income stream. You can, in fact, buy cell tower leases and then sell them again and pocket the profit.

Where Do You Find Cell Phone Towers?

Are you at the local baseball diamond? Look up. There just might be a cell phone relay attached to one of the light towers. Driving in the country? You might see them on hill tops. In the city you will certainly see these on the tops of tall buildings. If you are going to buy cell tower leases you need to find the cell towers first and then you need to find the owner of the lease, find out what he is getting, and decide what you are willing to pay to buy cell tower leases.

An Ongoing Income Stream

Cell phone companies lease a spot of land, space on the top of a building, etc. to place a cell phone tower or just the necessary equipment if the spot is high enough. The owner of the property receives a lease payment on a monthly basis although payment could be quarterly or even yearly. Owners of tall buildings lease roof top space and farmers lease hill tops. This practice provides a constant income stream over the years.

Buying Leases

A cell phone towel lease is a contract with value. There will be a rate of return on investment. Compare that to other investments that interest you and see if you want to buy cell tower leases. You will typically pay the current owner of the lease, usually the land owner, a flat sum and then assume ownership of the lease and receive payments from the user of the tower.

When Is It a Good Idea to Buy Cell Tower Leases?

Like any investment, a cell tower lease can be a good deal or a bad one. The lease should have some time to run and a dependable income stream during that time. If it is renewable it would be nice if you could negotiate favorable terms. It will important to have the ability to extend the lease and to have control over it into the indefinite future. It will also be a good idea to pay as little as possible for the investment. Always compare such investments to others with which you have experience in order to decide if it will pay.

When Is It a Bad Idea to Buy Cell Tower Leases?

If a cell tower lease has a short while to run and pays poorly you certainly do not want to pay a large sum of money for it. If it is uncertain if the company will renew the lease at the end of the contract period you will not want to pay the current owner on the basis of an ongoing income stream. If you are uncertain about how to proceed but the idea of buying cell tower leases appeals to your consider talking to someone who knows, like the folks at Cell Tower Gold.

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